What We Do

We make life simple for you - we listen to what you want to achieve, challenge and discuss your ideas and then present solutions that work and are simple to use. Technology does not need to be complex and difficult - in fact it should be the exact opposite. 

Technology made simple

We look to use technology in the simplest way - from creating a simple, easy to follow design through to choosing a technology solution that might be 'cutting edge' yet is simple to use. Technology should not be complicated for users - it should be making life simpler for you.

Do what we promise we will do

Nothing radical but a simple concept that most of our competitors forget. By focussing on client service and delivery we have been growing our business through the tough economic times of 2009-2013 and our founding clients continue to choose to work with us because we do what we promise we will do.




Our platforms of choice for web development are the powerful Umbraco and Magento open source CMS platform.

• Simple and easy for our clients to manage their website

• Flexible and powerful to use across a wide range of sites from simple facebook applications through to major video platforms and multi-location sites.

Umbraco powers 110,000 live websites world wide including major companies such as Heinz, Microsoft through to smaller companies. We have used it for 6 years and all our clients love it. Our original sites were built on Umbraco 3.x and we are now starting to deploy on Umbraco 7.x which keeps Umbraco ahead of the game. 

Our latest designs are all 'responsive designs' in that we deliver one site that will work well on mobile 640px wide screens through to larger screens such as desktop PC’s. The system detects what device the user is accessing the website on and changes the layout accordingly. View our site on your mobile and you will see the responsive layout in operation. 

All our website builds are custom builds and our designs are not limited by the technology of Magento or Umbraco. Our wide range of projects undertaken include school sites, major eCommerce applications, data analysis websites through to campaign and video applications. 

Please look at some of our sites to see how different and bespoke they are.


The klickdigital team have built a number of eCommerce platforms with our most complex being for Triton Showers, Cobra and ICDP. 

For Triton Showers we have built on the original Umbraco website and integrated a bespoke eCommerce system that is powered by Magento, the world’s fastest growing open source e-commerce platform. We integrate with Triton’s legacy systems to update stock quantities, customer records, create invoices and pick-lists.

We recently extended their Magento platform and built a bespoke eBay Store with all content, stock and sales being managed through Magento and passing all the orders and customer information back through their internal systems. Based on the success we launched an Amazon store which is also integrated into the same Magento application.

The system has proved to be so successful that Triton’s Irish distributor has chosen to use the system for their Irish market. The system is integrated into the Irish Distributor’s stock and finance systems.

The Cobra eCommerce project allows the Cobra dealers across the UK and Ireland to order their product direct from Cobra using a secure login.

For Cobra we have built a web service which integrates with Cobra’s finance and stock control system and then passes through to the Umbraco system the dealer’s account details, customer specific pricing for each product, promotional deals, credit limits and stock quantities.

Other Umbraco eCommerce applications are Alexeeva & Jones and ICDP

Mobile Apps

We have developed a range of mobile apps including:

• Vodafone NL My Vodafone app - working with Triple IT we have integrated the Vodafone NL video help channel into the Vodafone NL mobile help app which has been developed for iPhone and Android.

•  iLevel remote tank measuring app gives farmers an intuitive and easy to read dashboard on their phone allowing them to monitor the level of their tanks. Alerts monitor usage, theft or loss and potential pollution issues. The alerts can be programmed to meet customer's specific requirements. The app is available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores

• Triton TI:ME app which is a useful business tool for plumbers providing access to detailed reference guides, installation videos, promotions and spare parts on their iPhone or Google Android phone . Download Triton TI:ME



As websites have moved from being stand-alone marketing sites to become integrated marketing and sales channels, the need to communicate with client's customer knowledge databases, inventory and financial reporting systems is now paramount.

With Triton Showers we integrate with their legacy systems to update stock quantities and with their CRM database and finance system to update customer records, create invoices and pick-lists.

Other projects have required the development of web services to aplkications such as MS Dynamics CRM where we have integrated with finance and stock control systems to provide customer account details, customer specific pricing for each product, promotional deals, credit limits and stock quantities. 

Our latest project involves integrating with a legacy HR system to validate new users and keep user accounts up to date.



Our first true Innovation was in video back in 2010 when we developed our klcikflicks vide platform that established klickdigital as a leading expert in YouTube allowing us to challenge major established London agencies winning clients such as Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, Coca Cola and most recently in 2013 The Post Office.

Our latest klickflicks platform supports YouTube, Vimeo and the private video streaming service of JW Player. We have integrated our platform into YouTube, mobile apps, facebook and internal help channels.


Search Engine Marketing

We understand a lot about Search Engine Optimisation through previous work at other agencies and the work we have done with Triton Showers where we consistently deliver a top 5 natural search engine ranking position for their top 20 keywords including electric shower / mixer shower.

Key to the success is a great, search engine friendly platform, the targeted creation of content that the search engines love and monthly 'love' which includes measuring the position, looking at up and coming competitors and tweaking content. This has kept Triton Showers at the top of all things 'shower' for the past 6 years.


Email Marketing

We design and build email campaigns for clients. Today most of our clients prefer to have flexible email templates which they can then customise. We integrate the customer database from the website into the email tool which allows our clients to send emails out to their clients quickly and efficiently.

Here are some typical email campaigns from ICDP and Triton Showers who integrate their website customer database directly with the email tool.

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