PRESS RELEASE - Enigma Pattern and Klickdigital merger

PRESS RELEASE - Enigma Pattern and Klickdigital merger


Very exciting news this week -  Klickdigital UK have joined forces with Enigma Pattern Poland to form a new full range software services company which combines unique skills in AI, Cloud, and IoT.

Enigma Pattern, founded in 2017, is an independent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence company based in Lodz. Helping clients by applying the latest Data Science and AI  tools and techniques to their systems and products leading to highly customised solutions. 

The benefit for our current and future customers comes from the synergies between key offerings of both companies and the increased scale at which we will be able to operate. The newly created organisation plans to grow a substantial team of specialists to address the IT challenges of the changing world. 

Watch this space for further developments and updates.....

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