Work after Lockdown

Work after Lockdown


As the world slowly emerges from the current pandemic it is becoming clear that the way businesses operate will never be the same again.  Whether it’s how we commute, interact or manage projects, in the majority of cases it will have to change in order to be deemed “safe” and meet with authority guidelines.

Now that businesses have made the investment to enable their employees to work remotely, they are looking at other ways to use technology to make efficiencies and, in some cases, keep them afloat.  The use of technology to facilitate distributed teams has been a key response feature, seeing an incredible increase of video conferencing and chat tools, to stay close to employees and customers.  

COVID-19 has given the world an opportunity to rethink normal and change market-places by using innovative technology.  Who’d have thought that we would be buying cars virtually! For example Renault have introduced video links to allow customers to inspect both new and used vehicles and “kick the tyres” virtually to eliminate the need to go to a dealership. Klickdigital have been working with LIML in developing their virtual London dealerships, allowing the consumer to build and buy their perfect Mazda or SsangYong vehicles and then delivering the cars direct to the customer’s home without the need for them to leave their house and visit numerous dealerships. Click below for details:

SsangYong Metro London | We bring the car to you

Mazda MyWay | Test Drive From Home

Manufacturers are preparing themselves for digitisation of factories applying smart sensors to machines which allows monitoring, control and improvement to operations.  Thus enabling them to be more compliant and profitable as a result of greater accuracy throughout the plant. Klickdigital worked with iLevel to design and implement an IoT solution.  This now allows a chemical supplier on the mainland of Scotland to remotely monitor various chemical tank levels and a salmon hatchery in the Shetland Isles to track usage and schedule just-in-time deliveries.  See following link:


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