Let us help you thrive through COVID-19

Let us help you thrive through COVID-19


During these unprecedented times of COVID-19 we have all seen diversity in the way we work, operate and communicate whether it be with our work or personal life, with our friends or family.  But at the forefront of all this and what has enabled us to get through it, is technology.

According to Wikipedia the definition of “Digital Transformation” is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems and that is what companies are having to do to survive this challenging time, for now and for the future.

Of course, organisations are at different places in the digital transformation journey. But speed has become a business imperative for all. Today, every bank is a virtual bank, all education is online, shopping online is, for some people, a lifeline.  

As a company Klickdigital has their team all working from home which was already part of our employees flexible working offering.  So we have still been able to support our wide range of customers in retail, aviation, healthcare and charities who have all been impacted and needed to look at alternative solutions to survive this current pandemic.

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