Augmented Reality  - It’s older than you think!

Augmented Reality  - It’s older than you think!


When you hear about augmented reality you think of it as the latest step in technology.  However the first AR technology was actually developed back in 1968 at Harvard by computer scientist, Ivan Sutherland, who created an AR head mounted display system.  He named it the “Sword of Damocles” which seems a strange name considering it means “impending disaster”!

From its use in NASA’s spacecraft in the 1990s to the explosive popularity of Pokemon Go (which at its peak reached 45 million users), augmented reality has evolved to become one of the most exciting technologies of our time.  The combination of computer-generated images over a user's view of the real world is proving to bring successful innovation into many industries including retail, education, marketing to name but a few.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Apple are rumoured to be developing an augmented reality wearable headset to compete against rival Google, whose latest headset project targets businesses, giving assembly line workers hands-free access to their devices. 

Here at Klickdigital we have been sharing our expertise and working with our customers to create their visions.  A few examples include:

- A virtual fitting room for a high end retailer who wanted to enable their customers to “try on” before purchasing without visiting a store, due to COVID-19.

- A digital gallery app, allowing art to be seen 3D and enabling cultural venues, city administrators and managers of public spaces to create affordable digital experiences for visitors.

- A mobile app for a car dealership that detected a parked car and overlaid with their model of car in 3D, allowing the user to walk around the car and change features such as colour, specification and trim levels

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