Online Recruitment & Assessment Centre

Online Recruitment & Assessment Centre


klickdigital has been working with a major online clothes retailer to streamline their recruitment processes and assessment centres for their growing customer services department.

The project kicked off in April and following a deep dive into the current process, detailed processes for how the client wanted the new processes to work were developed and a clickable wireframe model developed for the whole team to review and modify. The designs were then created and applied to the clickable model and once tested again the development started.

The system allows Candidates to be invited to an Assessment Centre, then complete their online profile, choose an Assessment Centre, try a few sample Assessment Centre tasks and find out about the company and the role in more detail.

On the day of the Assessment Centre, the system logs the Candidates into the Assessment Centre and the Assessors allocate candidates to themselves and the Assessment Centre is then run via the system. The Assessors mark the Candidates performance and Interview using the system from their iPads. As many of the Customer Service roles are for foreign language Customer Service Support team, the system allows Assessments that need translation to be assigned to Language Assessors who mark the Assessments and the scores are added into the system for final review.

A complete Management Information System monitors fill rates for Assessment Centres, success rates and how Candidates from various agencies are performing as well as Assessor performance to help with Assessor training requirements.

The system then allows the Assessors to review the Candidates performance, offer a role and then the HR team contact the Candidates with the offer. The system has replaced a primarily paper and spreadsheet based system that delivers a fast, professional recruitment process that both the Candidate and the Employer both find easy to use and helpful.

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